7 Ways to Check for Water Damage in Your Stucco Home

Ways to Check for Water Damage in Your Stucco Home

1. Damp Looking Stucco

Now, getting the stucco wet should not be a reason for concern. It will make sense that it is wet once it rains. However, if it is still wet a week after the rainy weather, it indicates that water has penetrated the stucco. There may also be areas of the wall that seem constantly moist. Pay special attention to those since that is where water may be entering.

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2. Cracks 

A fracture in the stucco is an unmistakable symptom of water in your stucco. You should not be alarmed, though, since this does not imply that you have irreversible harm. It is, however, an indication that water has entered, and you must act quickly before the situation worsens.

3. Missing Chunks of Stucco

Examine your stucco to determine if any siding has fallen loose. That superficial damage indicates that water has gotten below and is creating difficulties.

4. Cracks and Bubbles at the Bottom of the Wall

Look for visible fractures or bubbles around the bottom borders during your check. Water, like everything else, must follow gravity and eventually stream downhill. That implies that most of the damage might be near the bottom of the wall.

5. Window Caulking Damage

Can you spot any holes or fractures in your window caulking? This is also an indication that water has gotten into the stucco. If it’s been there long enough, you’ll also need to replace the windows. That’s why it’s critical to examine the stucco on a frequent basis.

6. Soft Drywall

You’re heading inside now to complete your research. Feel the drywall under your windows. Is it gentle to the touch? That’s another telltale symptom of water damage. In these circumstances, the drywall and the stucco on the exterior must be rebuilt.

7. Basement Moisture

Finally, go into your basement and inspect the walls. You’ll notice that if there’s water in the stucco, it may cause wetness on the walls. This isn’t the only reason this may happen, so rule out other possibilities before fixing the issue.

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