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Cultured stone adds character and value to any home or business. The possibilities are endless when it comes to style. Let us help you to create the unique design you’ve always dreamed of. From a cozy fireplace to contemporary façade, cultured stone cladding will create a desirable look while adding value to your home or business.

In a nutshell, cultured stone is a man-made stone that is way less expensive than real stone, more consistent in color and shape and a lot easier to work with. This is made of something called a composite material. This makes it very light and nowhere near as heavy as real stone. This makes it favorable in more ways than one. For all these reasons, we always suggest a cultured stone first as a great material for building walk-ways, sidewalks, patios, siding and wall coverings.  Your home should have the warmth and strong features of stone without the high prices.

Cultured stone products are manufactured by a casting process which combines a liquid polymer resin with an inert filler material. Colorants are introduced to the blended material to provide the veining apparent in natural stone. A protective coating, called a gel coat, is applied during the manufacturing process and this coating becomes the integral non-porous surface of the cultured stone product.

The Benefits of Cultured Stone

We’ve discussed that it’s lighter than real stone, which is where the first benefit is. Where special permits, additional materials, and different construction are often required to handle the weight of real stone on many home surfaces, cultured stone is so light it can be applied to any wall or surface without any additional materials or permits. Weight isn’t an issue, which means our cultured stone doesn’t pose any harm to any surface.

It’s lighter, and it’s also more affordable. Because it’s cheaper than regular stone, it’s possible you can use more of it, upgrade to the stone you want, and it saves you labor costs since we can install it quickly and with less mess.

Finally, you won’t need to pay additional fees or spend ample time waiting on your stone to arrive. May natural stones be found only in specific regions, which means it’s not easily accessible where you live. It’s heavy, it requires additional work, and it means waiting. Cultured stone arrives quickly, installs fast, and the finished is the perfect addition to finish off your restoration project.

What Is Cultured Stone Used For?

Perhaps you know it as stone, and that’s not abnormal. A lot of people forget stone has its own unique name, and the kind we use is cultured. This type of stone is strong, hearty, and it endures all kinds of weather and other conditions.

  • To surround windows
  • To enhance beams
  • Cover concrete foundation
  • Create an outdoor fireplace
  • Enhance outdoor kitchens
  • Create a lovely backdrop on a plain wall


There’s no limit to what our professionals can do with cultured stone. We can take your home and turn it into something far more beautiful, and you might not even imagine it’s possible.

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