Why You Need to Address Water Damage Quickly

Why You Need to Address Water Damage Quickly

Before considering repairs, you must first determine what caused any water damage you may have discovered in your stucco. Why did the water get into your house’s siding?

The typical explanation is that your home’s stucco was improperly built and placed. Water will not adhere to well constructed stucco. That will usually be sufficient to protect it. But when it’s done incorrectly, that stucco begins to soak in water instead.

If the stucco wasn’t done properly, you could also begin to sustain harm. If the contractor doesn’t have the necessary expertise, this will lead to additional issues for you in the future. They must remember to include sufficient sealing around windows and doors and proper drainage, preventing water from entering.

Why You Must Act Quickly

There is always something. Around the house, that needs to be done, so a little water damage doesn’t have to be fixed immediately. However, water-damaged stucco is more than simply a visual problem.

If you overlook that water damage for a long enough period of time, the rot will begin to develop. If it isn’t addressed, your home’s whole inside walls may deteriorate. Because you disregarded the water, rebuilding your home’s walls will be very costly.

You run the danger of getting mold as well as decay. This causes many health problems in addition to extra issues with your house. You’ll have to deal with less mold if you address the water damage quickly.

When selling your house, you should also take water damage into account. While considering curb appeal is important, you should Consider how you will sell your home. If there is stucco damage from water, many potential buyers won’t purchase the house since it may be covering up more serious problems.

When to Get Professional Help

You must take action if you discover any damaging indications. You’ll need to consult the specialists on this since stucco is a specialized task. Call the experts as soon as you notice any problems. They’ll be able to go outside and see the damage’s severity.

They may employ tools to evaluate the issue if you can’t see the harm in its specific location. They will make a tiny hole in the wall with a drill so they can look inside and determine if water has gotten inside. If they discover anything, they advise the best line of action.

Even though it may be tempting, leaving this task to the experts is preferable. Keep in mind that improperly built stucco results in these issues, so you want to prevent that.


You now know what to check for when your stucco has water damage. Keep an eye out for it, and always ask for aid if there is any damage. It is readily corrected if found early, so don’t put it off.

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